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St. Emma Feast Day

Event date: 4/19/2019 Export event

Saint Emma, also known as Emma of Lesum, or Emma of Stiepel, lived in the city that is Bremen today. She is the first female inhabitant of the city to be known by name.  Emma lived in the early 11th century, and was born into the Immedinger family. The Immedingers were Saxon nobility descended from the legendary King Widuking, who fought againt Charlemange.

Emma's father was a count, and her brother a bishop (Meinwerk of Paderborn). She married Liudger, the son of a Saxon duke. Their marriage resulted in one child, a boy named Imad. He would become bishop of Paderborn in 1051.  Little specific information about St. Emma survives. Legend states that she had a violent temper when she was young.

Emma's husband made a visit to Russia in 1011, fell ill and died. Following this tragedy, Emma withdrew into her faith. Her temperament became mild. She was a great benefactor of churches, establishing many small parishes. She donated to the Bremen Cathedral. Her concern for the poor was legendary.

One of our homes in Camrose has adopted St. Emma as their patron Saint because "she worked in silence, not wanting anything in return, she never complained, her desire was to serve God and humanity and she was always friendly and available.  St. Emma's silent work was a ray of light to many people that is still shining today; we (the staff) would like to bring light into the lives of the individuals we serve so they may continue to shine."

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