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Ruach: A Road Less Travelled

With the recent onboarding of a new CEO, Catholic Social Services has come to another junction on its journey of serving the community consistently with its unique mission. 

Ruach: Moving through pain and suffering… a journey to celebrate

In preparing for the celebration of Easter, Christendom’s central and most defining event, the liturgy of Holy Week invites us into some special seasonal reflections  referred to as “The Triduum.”

Ruach: On the road again: An Advent promise

Redirecting us onto the road... spiritually speaking, is the purpose of Advent, and ultimately of the entire year’s liturgical itinerary.

Ruach: 'There is a crack in everything'

Today, this Spirit-inspired surrender to God’s love and mercy is what the Church invites us to embrace as we carry out our mission at CSS.

Ruach: Retrospect can often reveal Grace in our lives

The disciples had experienced the fullness and perfection of Christ's humanity, yet only now -- through the bestowing of the “tongues of fire” (the Holy Spirit) -- could they begin to understand the fullness of his divinity.