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Geoff Wacowich

About Geoff Wacowich

Geoff, an Executive Director within the Government of Alberta, has a 25-year tenure within the Alberta Public Service. Currently serving in the Environment and Protected Areas Ministry, which is focused on preserving and sustainably managing the province's natural resources and ecosystems, emphasizing biodiversity protection and environmental stewardship.

As a dedicated leader, Geoff shapes an organizational culture that champions diversity, equity, and inclusion. He has demonstrated success in steering complex government initiatives, and prioritizing change to yield positive outcomes. Proficient in collaborating with various stakeholder groups, including communities, government agencies, and regulators, Geoff demonstrates a seasoned approach to effective engagement.

Geoff holds a Masters of Business Administration Degree specializing in Information Technology Management, an Honours Diploma in Computing Sciences, and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA/CMA) Designation.

In addition to being a native of Edmonton, Geoff takes pride in being a devoted husband for 21 years and a father to two children who received their education through the Edmonton Catholic School District (ECSD).