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Welcome Home Program

Welcome Home is a volunteer based program that provides companionship to individuals and families making the transition from homelessness to settling into a home. Operating in collaboration with professional housing and support services Welcome Home provides companionship to reduce the loneliness and social isolation faced by many newly housed individuals. The relationship between the volunteers and program participants is based on openness and respect for the strengths and gifts of each person. Volunteers aim to help the participants feel truly at home in their new communities.

Volunteer Support

Will my involvement really make a difference?

Imagine moving into a community where everything is strange, unfamiliar, and you do not know anyone. What a difference it would make to have someone welcome you and help you feel that you belong.

Volunteer Mentoring

By welcoming a newly-housed individual, you will help them:

  • Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness by learning to develop stable, trusting, and honest relationships
  • Increase community/social involvement through positive interactions
  • Build their self-confidence by developing positive life skills

Volunteer Mentoring Edmonton

By volunteering, You will:

  • learn new skills through the orientation, training and ongoing support I receive from program staff
  • increase my social network with other volunteers and program participants
  • be provided with renewed creativity, motivation, and vision that can carry over into your personal and professional life
  • be connected to the community and make it a better place

On Average

On average volunteers commit to spending 2 hours a week over the course of six months, or longer.

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