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22 Days of Hope: Day 16

Alpha for Women

22 Days of Hope: Day 16

Angela didn’t start drinking until she was 37, but she learned the difficult way that addictions can start at any age.

A middle-class woman with a home and a career, Angela came to our Alpha ministry for addictions after collapsing at work and subsequently entering detox.

“I only have good things to say about CSS,” she said after entering our Alpha ministry, which offers a home for people struggling with alcohol or drug addictions to begin a life of sobriety.

She knew if she didn’t continue to pursue sobriety after leaving detox that she would fall back into her addiction.

 “CSS gave me a new beginning and the ability to focus on myself,” she noted. “In the short term, this helps me get healthy. In the long term, it affects other generations, like my daughter who struggles with meth addiction.”

Angela also sees this as an opportunity to grow and overcome her addiction.

 “What helps me recover most is to understand addiction is a disease of isolation,” she noted. “Rather than waking up and asking ‘What can I do to feel better?’ I wake up and ask ‘What I can do to assist my recovery?’”

It isn’t just our staff who assist in Angela’s recovery, however. Supporters of our Sign of Hope appeal empower that assistance.

*Angela’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

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