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CSS hosts Alberta Labour to announce immigrant nominee program changes

  • 20 October 2017
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CSS hosts Alberta Labour to announce immigrant nominee program changes

Our Agency’s Immigration and Settlement Services office in Edmonton hosted Alberta Labour Minister Christina Gray on Friday, October 20, as she announced changes to the province’s immigrant nominee program.

Beginning in January 2018, the application process for the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program will be simplified under the new Alberta Opportunity Stream.

“Immigrants are a valued part of our workforce and communities. Helping them settle successfully is crucial to the ongoing prosperity of our province. These changes will simplify processes, reduce wait times and make it more fair for applicants across all sectors to apply for permanent residency in Alberta,” Gray said.

Our interim CEO Michelle Christie said she is pleased with how the changes will affect not just how quickly we’re able to assist the people who come to us, but also how it will help the community as a whole.

“Immigrants are crucial to our success as a province,” she said. “A streamlined AINP application will help temporary foreign workers and graduating post-secondary students retain work sooner. This will support Alberta’s businesses and enable applicants to contribute to our economy to keep it strong. Less time applying and more time working benefits everyone.”

More information about changes to the program can be read about at the Government of Alberta website.

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