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National Volunteer Week: yegSpark

  • 22 April 2021
  • Author: Delainey
  • Number of views: 2041
National Volunteer Week: yegSpark

Just a year ago, yegSpark launched with a vision to inspire community service, especially in young people. Since then, they have offered dozens of opportunities to fulfill community needs, including some for Catholic Social Services (CSS). 

 “Lots of what we do is about spreading joy. Is that a need? Maybe,” said Kerry Powell, Project Lead for yegSpark. “But it’s great for people doing the giving, and it really feels good for those receiving.” 

For women at our La Salle shelter this joy has come in many forms. One of their programs is a cooking class which requires the use of aprons. Understanding that this will be a need when classes can safely resume, Kerry connected with yegSpark volunteers to request hand-sewn aprons. The response was even greater than anticipated!

La Salle received more than enough aprons, and the extras were distributed to other organizations in Edmonton. The positive impact of the yegSpark volunteer community continues to ripple through non-profits in the city. 

Catholic Social Services is thrilled to celebrate the incredible work of @yegSpark this National Volunteer Week! Thank you to Kerry and the dedicated members of yegSpark for sparking joy within those we serve, and for being beacons of light within our communities! 

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