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Carol's Story

Carol's Story

Carol had spent years trapped in a cycle of abuse with her partner.

What began behind closed doors was now taking place in front of their two-year-old son. Carol could see the affect the violence was having on him. Once playful and happy, he was now showing signs of aggression and developmental delays.

Despite having no family to support her, and no assurance of what their future would hold,
Carol did the only thing she could do to protect her son. She left.

In the midst of this uncertainty and fear, Carol found Catholic Social Services’ Valeda House, a temporary shelter for women in crisis who are pregnant, or have young children, and are at risk of homelessness.

Surrounded by loving staff and other brave women, Carol felt safe enough to begin healing and start building a better life for herself and her son.

Throughout her time at Valeda House, Carol watched her son’s behavior improve and his playfulness return. Today, Carol has hope for their future.  

“Everything has blossomed for me. Even though I’m going through a lot and I still worry about my son, you’ve made me look at my future as a brighter one. Rather than the darkness I used to see, I can now see light,” says Carol.

Donor support through Sign of Hope funds three women’s homes in Edmonton, including Valeda House. These are safe places, which empower and help women and their children find their “light” after enduring years – or decades – of abuse.

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