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Colby's Story

Even in times of desperation, hope exists.

Colby's Story

Guilt, shame, and hopelessness are the feelings Colby expressed during a time of desperation. His family was not only facing the real possibility of homelessness, they were also unable to buy basic necessities, like food and diapers, for their baby. Their situation had become so serious that he and his wife had been skipping meals to ensure their daughter remained fed.

That’s when we told him, “You don’t have to do this alone.” This is Colby’s story of Hope, and how you can make a difference for a family like Colby’s, by donating to Sign of Hope.

An illness, an injury, an accident, or a layoff; these are all unexpected life-altering events that can put stable people in a place of desperation and hopelessness at no fault of their own. Colby was in “this place” when he came to Catholic Social Services’ St. Zita program last year in search of help.

As a subcontractor, he relied on the use of his hands to make a living. The 33-year-old husband and father was the primary provider for his young family, which included an infant daughter just weeks away from her first birthday. Then, he sustained a devastating injury, breaking his elbow and rending him unable to work. Bills slowly started to pile up and the family was facing eviction from their home.

Many great supports exist in central Alberta, but many of them have criteria families must meet and waiting periods before support can be accessed. We help individuals and families, like Colby’s, by connecting them with available resources to help them get back on their feet.

We were also able to provide the family with enough groceries and diapers to get them through this period, and, we were proud to be able to help the family celebrate their daughter’s first birthday by buying a cake and gifts.

Colby was overcome with gratitude. Like many of our clients, he was relieved someone was there to listen and help him build a plan to overcome the obstacles his family was facing.

Even in times of desperation, hope exists.

For Colby and his wife, seeing their daughter’s face as they sang her Happy Birthday for the first time was their hope for a brighter future.

It’s gratifying to be there for people in their greatest hour of need. Thank YOU for allowing us to be a lifeline for children and their families.