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Cree Language & Recovery Program

Cree Language & Recovery Program

This program is open to staff of other non-profit agencies outside of CSS.

Register now on EventBrite here.

Catholic Social Services is partnering with Dwayne Lesas to host his 2 day intensive Cree Language introduction. Dwayne was taught and mentored by the late Dr. Freda Ahenakew. Ahenakew’s program was call “Indigenous Language Specialist Program”.

Dwayne has designed this program for anyone that wants to learn the Cree language (Plains Cree (Y)) The course starts by introducing techniques he has designed from experience and is suitable for teams & families to learn together. The 2 days of course work is made up of foundational Cree concepts & pronunciation that Dwayne teaches through storytelling, music, math and fun. Dwayne will then send out follow up lessons to be completed on an ongoing basis so participants are able to practice the language in groups. The lessons will incorporate everything you learned in the 2 day workshop.

Dwayne will offer ongoing support for long-term learning; as long as participants are willing to put in the work there is no “end” date to the course. Dwayne’s vision is to bring the Cree language back to the people & bring a sense of pride and ownership over such an important part of Indigenous History.

Save the date: May 30 & 31st, 9a.m. —5 p.m.
This program is open to staff of other non-profit agencies outside of CSS.
Classes will be offered on Microsoft Teams/YouTube & at location In Person
Location: Chateau Louis Hotel
Register now on EventBrite here.
Any questions please email:


How many people can come?
In person we are limited to 50 people, so please use the registration to indicate whether you will attend online or in person.

What is the cost?
This is a one time cost and will $150/participant for In-Person training, & comes with lunch for both days, online training via Microsoft Teams will cost $25/participant.

Who can come?
Anyone who wants to learn Cree. I’m not Cree, can I still attend? Absolutely, in Dwayne’s words “the more the merrier”, the history of the language is so important to the work we do & where we live. The fundamentals you will learn can also be used to learn other indigenous languages.

What happens if I cannot attend on the days it is offered?
Please register regardless and a recording will be provided for your learning when you are ready. We are expecting that everyone will respect the intellectual property that Dwayne is bringing & generously allowing us to record for participant review. Please ensure that these sessions will not be shared beyond the registered participants in your organization.

View full PDF, including event poster, Dwayne's biography and reviews of his program.

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