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National Volunteer Week: Yuk Ching Cheung

National Volunteer Week: Yuk Ching Cheung

Yuk worked as a social worker in her home country of Hong Kong helping newcomers and families adapt to life there. After moving to Canada with her family 5 years ago, she found herself on the other side of the coin: she needed to transition into a new way of life without any incumbent family or friends.

She learned about volunteering opportunities at CSS through a friend at her daughter’s school and has been with our Cultural Links Mentoring program since 2019.

By volunteering her time, Yuk says that she enjoys the ability to give back to her community and uses her experience of being in a newcomer’s shoes to guide her interactions. She knows the significance of providing a safe place for questions and seeking support in helping newcomers to feel less lonely and isolated.

During her time with CSS, Yuk has been matched with 4 families and has assisted with various things such as teaching them English, providing information on how to use library resources, showing where to shop (and get discounts), accessing childcare facilities & parenting supports, and sharing her own personal experience being new to Canada.

Yuk believes this placement has been beneficial to her as well. She has received many tips and new information from the families she works with, learned about different cultures and backgrounds, and continues to establish herself in the community by building these new and meaningful friendships. A truly win-win relationship for all involved.

Thank you, Yuk, for your passion and experience in supporting newcomers as they settle into their new lives. You have created meaningful connections and memories for those that had the pleasure of working with you.

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