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Sophia Talks: Social Justice and Human Rights


In his October Edition of Sophia Talks, Dr. Robert McKeon from Newman Theological College joins us to discuss how Catholic Social Justice informs our views and understanding of Human Rights.

“The Catholic Social teaching of human rights is both similar and different from other human rights code that we often speak of in Canada today.” McKeon Says.

“In a Catholic understanding, human rights are universal: All human beings are included. These human rights are inviable and irrevocable. They cannot be taken away or surrendered. Therefore, governments do not grant or create human rights. Rather, what they do is recognize, promote, and protect what is already present in all persons through laws, human rights codes, and agencies.”

“A Catholic understanding of human rights is a right to life, protection for human life from conception to natural death, and all that is needed to sustain a decent life — a life of dignity at every stage of life.”

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