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Veronica Villa celebrates re-naming of residence

The Veronica Villa staff celebrated a renaming ceremony of their residence on Tuesday, July 26. The home was renamed after St. Veronica, patron of photographers and laundry workers.

Formerly known as Beverly, the residence was one of the three original homes opened by Catholic Social Services in the late 1970s. For over 26 years, the home has provided a wide range of services to independent individuals with developmental disabilities, assisting residents with day-to-day living and learning new life skills.

CSS Chaplain Deacon Randy Abele blessed the residence during the renaming ceremony, symbolizing the home’s new beginning as Veronica Villa.

According to Christian tradition, St. Veronica was a pious woman of Jerusalem, emotionally impacted by Jesus when she saw him carrying the cross to his crucifixion. Moved with pity, she offered her veil to Jesus as a sign of compassion, wiping off his face that was covered in sweat and blood. The veil, often referred to as the Veil of Veronica, is said to be impressed with Jesus’ face and is considered a treasured Christian Relic that is located in the Vatican.

St. Veronica’s story left a lasting impression on Veronica Villa’s staff, as they strive towards serving residents with the same compassion St. Veronica extended to Jesus.

“The staff has always treated the people living at the residence with compassion and dignity — which is one of the reasons why the staff chose St. Veronica for this home,” said SkyAnne Krupa, Director of Community Outreach and Disability Service.  “Just as St. Veronica showed Jesus compassion in a time of intense pain and suffering, the staff show compassion to all the individuals who walk through the door.”

The name “Veronica” also bears significant meaning to the staff at Veronica Villa. In Greek, the name stands for “bearer of victory,” and also translates to “true image” in Latin.

“Both translations of the words give true meaning to the work our staff does here at Veronica Villa: the staff is a true image of God, reflected through the work that we do by taking in people from the darkest point of their lives, and giving them hope and transformation,” said Marek Mikawoz, Team Leader of Veronica Villa.

“Our goal here at Veronica Villa is to give residents hope, comfort and, most importantly, a home that they can call their own.”

Currently, Veronica Villa provides care to seven people.

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