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The Home Depot Canada Foundation

  • 11 October 2018
  • Author: Anonym
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The Home Depot Canada Foundation supports renovation and repair projects and programs that provide vulnerable youth with access to safe, stable housing and support services. In 2018, The Home Depot Canada Foundation gave a grant to our St. Marguerite’s Safe House shelter in order to perform extensive renovations.

The St. Marguerite’s Safe House Program is a short-term shelter that is open 24 hours a day to provide a safe place and enhanced services for female and transgender youth who are homeless and at risk of being exploited. The long-term goals of the program are for youth to establish connections and access resources in the community to help them exit street life, addictions, and violence, ultimately achieving independent living or alternate long-term placements (such as a foster or group homes).

This grant has enabled Safe House to make significant renovations to the home’s interior and exterior. They will improve the entrance and walkway, re-shingle the roof, install new windows, repaint the walls, and replace some of the flooring.

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