Agency Prayer

Agency Prayer

At Catholic Social Services, we follow the call of Scripture to "pray for one another." We are guided by faith to care for each person's physical, material, mental, and spiritual well-being.

We invite you to join us in prayer for the people we are blessed to serve, including individuals and families struggling with poverty, loneliness, addictions, and hardships. There is a wonderful sense of personal connection, community, and spiritual power released when people pray together.

A downloadable prayer card may be found here.


All Loving God, 

We give thanks for your presence with all who struggle.   

The person with a developmental disability who receives your touch,  

The woman and her child facing abuse,   

The refugee building a new life,   

The parolee yearning to begin again,   

The youth crying out for hope,   

The dad who needs a listening ear,  

The mom caring for her newborn,   

 The senior longing for connection,   

The foster parents who open their hearts,   

And, all those who whisper for their wounds to be healed.   

May we be your instruments of humility, compassion and respect  
as we answer your call to serve.