​Sophia Talks

Sophia Talk: Dignity of Work

CSS's Vice President ISS shares past experiences that illustrate a core human value: the Dignity of Work.

Sophia Talks: Gary Gagnon

Altars: Sacred Spaces Handling Medicines

Sophia Talks: Rev Fr Cristino Bouvette

Rev Fr Cristino Bouvette discusses how his mixed heritage has informed and affected his service to The Church.

Sophia Talk: Marc Barylo

Marc Barylo, Former Vice President of Development and Community Relations, shares insight on the creation of Sign of Hope and personal stories of his time working for Father Bill Irwin.

Sophia Talks: The Role of Catholic Social Services in the Church

Archbishop Richard Smith, from the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton, shares his thoughts on how charity aligns with the identity of the Catholic church.

Sophia Talk: A personal Catholic conversion story

Edmonton-area graphic designer and blogger Brian Holdsworth shares his story about why he converted to Catholicism.

Sophia Talk: Cathedral Building

The Milan Cathedral required six centuries to build, while the Sagrada Família cathedral in Span has been under construction since the 1800s. Bruce Klanke, a Senior Vice President with Catholic Social Services, says there is a lot to learn from the passion of the people who've helped build these two world-famous structures.

Sophia Talk: Struggling with Origins - by Dr. Denis Lamoureux

An associate professor of science and religion at St. Joseph's College in Edmonton, Dr. Lamoureux offers his take on Creationism Vs. Evolution -- and it may not be what you think.

Sophia Talk: The Common Good

Fr. Kris Schmidt discusses how supporting the common good of all people means elevating the needs of someone else above your own.

Sophia Talk: Caring for our common home

Gordon Self -- a novelist and VP of Mission, Ethics, and Spirituality at Covenant Health -- discusses his life experiences and how they have influenced his decision for care for those in need.

Sophia Talk: Contemplation, the fire and fuel for mission

Join Lucie Leduc as she speaks about the impact of contemplation on our ability to see God in daily life.

Sophia Talk: The dignity of work

Father Stefano Penna discusses the importance of serving the ministry of Jesus through work.

Sophia Talk: Embracing Diversity

Sophia Talk: Embracing Diversity

Sophia Talk: Spirituality in the Workplace

Join Kathy Sperling, a spiritual care facilitator who works with the women we serve at our second-stage shelter and at our home for reformed substance abuse addicts, as she discusses the importance of spirituality in the workplace.

Sophia Talk: Mercy through true compassion

Presenter Sandra Prather discusses the topic of providing mercy through true compassion.

Sophia Talk: Social Justice & Human Rights

On this Sophia Talks, Dr. Robert McKeon from Newman Theological College joins us to discuss how Catholic Social Justice informs our views and understanding of Human Rights

Sophia Talk: Church and Family

In this September edition of our Sophia Talks, Steven Defer, the Family and Life Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Edmonton, expands upon the definition of what it means to be a family, and speaks about the family as a church.

Sophia Talks: The sanctity of human life

Mark Pickup, who runs the blog humanlifematters.org, speaks about his struggles with multiple sclerosis and the impact of Canada's assisted suicide law.

Sophia Talk: Spiritual healing - by Richard Groves

Richard Groves, the co-founder of Sacred Art of Living, discusses diagnosing and responding to spiritual pain.

Sophia Talk: Human Happiness

Kamil Rachwal, a Team Leader at our Elpida halfway house, discusses human nature's pursuit of happiness.

Sophia Talk: A Right Way to Die - Fr. Ron Rolheiser

Join Fr. Ron Rolheiser as he discusses the gift we provide to our family and friends in our final stage of life